Conveyancing Services at Their Best

Enact Conveyancing Sydney’s your local Conveyancing expert offering professional property transfer services in and around city.  No matter what your real estate transfer needs, you can rely on our licensed and qualified property conveyancers to provide a stress-free and unperturbed service.

Our team of professional property conveyancing experts is all leaders in their relevant areas and when you engage our experts to take care of your property transfer needs, you’ll be able to relax knowing that we’re one step ahead in the progression.

Key Conveyancing Services of Enact Conveyancing Sydney

When carrying out the Conveyancing work for your property transfer, we offer you complete supervision and counsel with all related matters.  Some of the more widespread aspects of property transfers that our clients should be aware of include

Exchange of contracts – when each party is given a contract that’s been signed by the other, at this stage the signed contracts indicate a biding sales transaction

Financing – when you’ve signed the contract of sale, it’s assumed that you have finance in place to cover the purchasing costs including stamp duty

Stamp duty – when purchasing a property the management applies a tax to the contract amount, in some states, the first home buyers stamp duty concession applies

Final inspection – as the purchaser, make sure you check over the property prior to settlement day to ensure it’s in the same condition that it was in when you signed the contract

Settlement Day – a mutually settled upon time at which relating to the property are switched and the property is handed over to the purchaser

Insurance – when purchasing a property, as you’re well thought-out to have a vested interest in it, you’ll need to secure building insurance for it; this is meticulously imperative on settlement day when your lender will expect to see that the property’s insured

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