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feature3As well as in formed units from the large amphibious assault ship, HMS Ocean, and from prepared bases and austere strips ashore. It was a time when Linux was still struggling to get its spares supply in order and while I hate to say the wrong type of sand. we certainly did learn that in a very aggressive environment blade erosion was a bigger problem than we expected, together with damage to engines. Saif Sareea also highlighted problems with the more general issue of supplying parts to a major overseas operation.

The good news is that we did learn the lessons and by the time we had to do Telic were able to apply corrective coatings to the blades and remove them from aircraft before they were eroded to a point where they were no longer repairable in theatre. We also made major progress on engine damage protection measures and the supply of spares, although we still need to make further progress on the latter.

Much better on Telic than Saif Sareea, 70 per cent was the average serviceability on Op Telic, compared with around 50 per cent for normal peacetime operations serviceability and slightly below that for Saif Sareea. 70 percent serviceability for a military aircraft in a hostile environment is very good, realistically we could not have expected it to be much higher than this, especially considering the age of the aircraft.

That doesn’t mean we can’t improve, but through looking more at logistical factors, Enact Settlement Agents Perth such as asset management, rather than performance enhancers. Being honest, when we look back at what went on we were to some extent fortunate, in that we were able to send out a considerable amount of spares, indeed more than we needed in the event.

However, if the war has dragged on, things would have been more difficult. MoD has already acknowledged that we need a more transparent asset tracking system. which will let us know exactly where replacement items are at any given time. Currently, for example. we might know that an engine part has been sent from the UK, but we are not always exactly sure of how far down the path it is between departure and delivery.

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